10 Must have Car Accessories from Amazon

As a new driver or even drivers in general picking the right accessory can be overwhelming, this is because there’s so many products to choose from. Amazon is having a massive sale now, so I thought I would do my drivers a favour and compiled a list of very useful car accessories. Most of the products on the list I had or have, or I know someone that used the product. A lot of the products are ranked highly on amazon some even being part of amazon best sellers list. PLUS I will tell you a handy way to get...

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Best convertible car seat My Experience One of the most wished for & top rated booster seat on amazon. I bought this booster seat when I had my first son (3 years ago) im still using it for my other 8 month old son. Other than the standard stains (infant=stains) this car seat is in perfect condition. Why I love it It has a quick and easy isofit installation which means you can plug in the booster  seat to your car seat leaving it very secure and stable. My wife loves this feature, especially when it comes to feeding the kids, my kids...

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Trekking shoes

I often get asked by new hikers if they need hiking boots. The truth is you don’t. Sure, having them has massive benefits like water proof outer layer, steel toe caps and of course the nice and snug ankle support, but if you don’t have one its completely fine I trekked 9 miles of rocky terrain with Nike 97s. I recommend Merrell trekking shoes The best bet when it comes to hiking. Trust me I tried and tested A LOT of shoes for hiking there was always something a little off whether it’s the way it fits or poor durability...

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