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My Experience

One of the most wished for & top rated booster seat on amazon. I bought this booster seat when I had my first son (3 years ago) im still using it for my other 8 month old son. Other than the standard stains (infant=stains) this car seat is in perfect condition.

Why I love it

It has a quick and easy isofit installation which means you can plug in the booster  seat to your car seat leaving it very secure and stable. My wife loves this feature, especially when it comes to feeding the kids, my kids always create a fuss when it comes to eating and it can get messy but the isofit feature keeps it nice and stable .

Maxi cosi car seat is filled with padding, its like a mini portable sofa, it no wonder my son falls to sleep 10 minutes into a journey. From the head support to the sides its built for comfort and protection.

The seat is compatible with maxi cosi and quinny pushchairs. I personally love this feature because I have a maxi cosi push chair. I installed the seat to the push chair with my son sound asleep, so its fair to say it lives up to its description of being quick and easy.


The Maxi-Cosi customer care team take very well care of you, on the ‘maxi-cosi car seat’ amazon page they have a very helpful customer care number, so if you still have questions then this fature will help you a lot.


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  • Sep 05, 2019
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