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I often get asked by new hikers if they need hiking boots. The truth is you don’t. Sure, having them has massive benefits like water proof outer layer, steel toe caps and of course the nice and snug ankle support, but if you don’t have one its completely fine I trekked 9 miles of rocky terrain with Nike 97s.

I recommend Merrell trekking shoes

The best bet when it comes to hiking. Trust me I tried and tested A LOT of shoes for hiking there was always something a little off whether it’s the way it fits or poor durability there was always something.

However, Merrells trekking shoes is certainly the best hiking shoes I came across. Ranked number 1 in amazon best sellers for hiking boots. And its no wonder, the boots legendary durability means I don’t have to keep buying boots every couples of months. I must also admit Merrell done a great job in the making. Its very well made. I have broad feet and its very comfortable and lightweight. The sole of the shoe is very robust. However I bought this shoe 3 times and will recommended to go at least a ½ size up, find that to be the perfect fit.


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  • Aug 30, 2019
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