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Ultimate home fitness trainer wherever you are most comfortable whether at home, in a fitness studio or outdoors. With over 40 different exercise routines that target biceps, shoulders, back, abdominal, glutes as well as calves – this lightweight and portable piece of equipment is a welcomed addition to any fitness routine. The fitness trainer takes advantage of bidirectional power in more ways then one. The convenient grips that allow stand up workouts also double up as wheeled rollers for routines performed on the floor. Enabling a much more complete fitness program.

Resistance training: With your weight holding the plate in position the tight rubber bands can be used as resistance tools. The further they can be raised the more taught and forced whereas smaller more controlled movements can create faster intense repetitive motions. With the rubber bands able to be adjusted in six varying levels on the underside of the board, fitness trainer will  meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey – from beginners and enthusiasts to experienced fitness junkies, the resistance points make home fitness achievable and enjoyable.

Size: 43x19x13cm